Cheyenne Mountain Re-entry Facility: (Privately Owned - CoreCivic)


Prison Population: 750

Notable Features/Incidents: Re-entry facilities are designed to ease the transition from prison life to civilian life. CoreCivic, a for-profit prison conglomerate, owns the franchise above. The facilities’ market based philosophy to healing decades of psychological trauma is curious. Inside are banal motivational posters -- “God Hears You,” “Prayer Works,” “Make better Decisions” -- that run counter to Cheyenne Mountain’s reputation as a site of inmate violence and blasé drug use. During the late Aughts, prisoners described a fake library and sham educational programs set up for the benefit of state audits, not inmate rehabilitation. CoreCivic suggests this reputation is misplaced and doesn’t reflect current standards of operation; however, an inmate died of assault as recently as 2017. As with inmate healthcare, for-profit prisons only stand to lose by offering adequate security (staffing) for the lives in their hands. 

By Samuel Shaw